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Hybrid Inverter SPH5000~6000TL BL-US
  • Hybrid Inverter SPH5000~6000TL BL-US

    SKU: SPH5000~6000TL BL-US

    SPHTL BL-US Series is used to store energy generated by the photovoltaic cell panels or energy from grid if it is allowed in the battery, also energy can be sent to power grid through SPH TL BL-US for self consumption or when Grid power is lost, SPH TL BL-US can be used as backup power.

    SPH series has six kinds of type: Ÿ
    Ÿ- SPH5000TL BL-US

    Ÿ- SPH6000TL BL-US 


    *This inverter need trasformer for US and PR 

    Data Sheet

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